Joe Mora


Like his brother Lalo, General Manager Joe Mora grew up immersed in the plants and wildlife of Santa Barbara County’s coastal foothills. 
He, too, is involved with every aspect of the company. He plans jobs, meets with clients, prepares bids and estimates, operates heavy-equipment, assigns and dispatches crews, maintains equipment and mans a shovel or spade when he’s needed. He’s committed to providing service, and that starts with communication. “If I get a phone call, I answer it,” he says. “And if I can’t answer at the moment, I get back to them right away. If I get a call at night about a broken main or valve, I go shut it down or make sure someone else does. I know the service I want, and that’s the service I give.” Having grown up appreciating nature while being immersed in it, he is committed to ensuring its well-being by “staying as organic as we possibly can.”


Phil Mora


In true Mora family style, Project Manager Phil grew up hiking through the Santa Ynez Mountains, developing first-hand experience and knowledge of local flora and fauna. Like his father, Enviroscaping President Lalo Mora, Phil has expertise in evapotranspiration, or ET, Smart Water controllers, and he installs most of the systems Enviroscaping sells. He has earned the title of Water Manager and is qualified to conduct water audits. As the Safety Officer, he monitors the availability, quality, and operating condition of all safety equipment; and coordinates feedback when the company’s crews test new equipment. Working closely with Joe, they determine the most relevant weekly safety topics and provide the crew with training. And like the rest of the Enviroscaping workforce, Phil has a strong preservationist streak — "It’s only natural for me to do my part to preserve the natural environment” and a deep dedication to customer service. “It’s our job to make sure our clients get what they want,” he says, “and to educate them to help accomplish that goal.”