Lalo Mora, President


Lalo Mora grew up with his hands and feet in local soil, on an avocado ranch in Santa Barbara County. His father was the ranch manager, and when school was out, Lalo and his brother Joe (they had six other siblings) helped out or explored the mountains and beaches around the property. They taught themselves about native plants and animals, worked on irrigation systems and learned from their father about natural predators. Lalo has been doing landscaping work for more than 25 years now, and has spent 20 years doing native plant restoration and revegetation. He is fully bilingual, holds an Advanced certification from the Santa Barbara City College’s Green Gardener Program and has guest-taught Green Gardener classes for SBCC. He is certified in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and is an Integrated Pest Management Community Advisor. He is committed to designing water-efficient landscapes and reducing water pollution, green waste and the use of fertilizers and chemical sprays. Soft-spoken and easygoing, Lalo brings courtesy, integrity and a high level of expertise to every client and job.